Walking last week in the eastern section of the cemetery, the sound of a sand martin made me look up.

As well as two or three sand martins, there were two or three dozen swifts circling silently just overhead. I stood and watched for several minutes, wondering what had brought them all there. 

I spotted, after a while, a large number of insects flying ponderously up from the grass. The swifts and martins were feeding. And looking at the grass I saw many brown beetles, garden chafers I believe, emerging, struggling in the thatch of the grass, and then taking to the air. Then the sun was covered by a cloud, and the beetles stopped emerging and the birds rapidly vanished.


2 thoughts on “Emergence

  1. Catherine

    It’s lovely especially in my current circumstances to read your description s of life in the cemetery. A contradiction of course but very true! In a place where there is a lot of focus on death & negative things the cemetery also points to the future & life continuing as it always has done.

  2. baptissimo Post author

    Thank you. I think I like contradictions. There’s not just one message; another voice says something different. So there is variety and there is room for you and me.


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