June 16th is Bloomsday, a celebration of the life and work of James Joyce, who first walked out with Nora Barnacle, his wife to be, on that date, and who set Ulysses on that day in 1904. This year it was a Tuesday, and about twenty people gathered for an hour and a half at Lucia Joyce’s grave to remember her, to hear Joyce read, to share poetry, and to enjoy music. It was a charming time in the warm late sunshine, and Lucia was honoured and remembered with great affection by a wide range of people.

Local historian of all things Irish, Peter Mulligan, read a beautiful tribute to Lucia.DSC_0250

(That is the neck of a bottle of ‘Paddy’ Irish whisky in front of Lucia’s grave.

People reminisced, including a former Occupational Therapist from St Andrew’s.DSC_0253

And Seán Cannon of the Dubliners sang for us all.DSC_0256


2 thoughts on “Bloomsday

  1. Eva

    I was there on the morning of Bloomsday with the dual purpose of marking the day and finding the graves of Lucia Joyce and Violet Gibson:

    I wasn’t aware there was an organised event, I’d be interested in attending next year.

    Really enjoy your blog btw


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