These celandines are growing part way up the trunk of a lime, a good fifteen inches off the ground.

Celandines, unlike daisies, are flowers I only became aware of in adulthood. I still sometimes have to think whether they rhyme with sheen or shine.  They belong to learned natural history. Daisies are just part of life.


2 thoughts on “Celandine

  1. Caroline Ravens

    For me it’s sheen…because the leaves are glossy!!!!
    I wonder why the celandine poppy …. is so named? Similar yellow but…I should look it up and do a bit of ‘learned natural history’.

    1. baptissimo Post author

      Paxton’s Botanical Dictionary says celandine is from Chelidonium, from cheledon, the swallow, because the flowers appear with the swallow and dry up when the swallows depart.

      I am unpersuaded. Swallows in early March? Not round here. And the words are too different. There’s a Baptist church in ?Huddersfield called Salendine Nook. I guess that’s a local name. I wonder where Salendine comes from? Could be a better source for celandine.


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