Cemetery plumbing

I’m excited to be able to offer a partial survey of the cisterns in Kingsthorpe cemetery, a more serious and objective post than many.

DSC_0408.resizedHere is a cistern. At least, that’s what I call it. It works like the cisterns that supply your loo. Inside the box on the left will be some sort of valve, probably a ball cock. People dip containers, often plastic milk bottles, into the water to fill them, and when the level drops the ball valve drops and lets in enough water to refill the tank.

I like the simple technology, and the galvanised steel. It reminds me of my grandfather’s greenhouse and his watering cans.

On the side of the tank is a number 5. The cisterns have been helpfully numbered, so I set out to record them.

DSC_0410.resizedDSC_0411.resizedDSC_0412.resizedDSC_0414.resizedDSC_0415.resizedAs you may have worked out, I have found 5,6,7,8,1 and 4. I think there may be two I have yet to locate.

There is also this one.DSC_0409.resized

It has no number at all, and has different proportions from the others, being longer, almost coffin shaped.

In the newer area of the cemetery there are no cisterns. Instead they have stand pipes, and I have a photograph of one of those as well.DSC_0413.resized



One thought on “Cemetery plumbing

  1. Caroline Ravens

    I can imagine the excitement when you locate the missing cisterns! Cobb seems to appreciate them too!


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