DSC_0354.resizedThis is not about Kingsthorpe, nor about the cemetery or anyone who lies there, not about Northampton or its county and not about Gallone’s, despite how much I’ve appreciated the sublime excellence of their vanilla 99s during the warm weather.

This blog, though, is not just about me and where I live. It belongs to the doggerator as well, and he has a new hero.

Pronounced ‘Russup’, Ruswarp was one of the signatories of the campaign to save the Settle to Carlisle railway line in the 1980s. His paw print was accepted on the petition since he was a paying passenger.

The first secretary of the friends of the railway line was Graham Nuttall. Ruswarp was his dog. The campaign was successful and in April 1989 the government announced that the line would not be closed. In January the next year Graham and Ruswarp went for a walk in the Welsh mountains and never returned. Graham had died. His body was eventually found beside a stream in April, eleven weeks later. Ruswarp was alive and by his side, so weak that he had to be carried from the mountain. Ruswarp was 14 years old, but recovered sufficient strength to survive until Graham’s funeral.

The 20th Anniversary of the campaign’s success was marked with the bronze statue of Ruswarp. I think you can see how impressed the doggage was.



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