There are ornamental cherries flowering all around the cemetery still, and yesterday in the calm warm air I walked there as the sun was setting. It wouldn’t be out of place to talk about ecstasy.DSC_0270.resizedIn one direction the richest of sunsets. The broadleaf trees, still almost bare, and the pines and cedars contrasting crisply with the orange.

And in the other direction, in a cooler sky, a white full moon floating silently up.

DSC_0273a.resizedI listened to Geza Anda and Clara Haskil playing a Bach Double Keyboard Concerto. I’ve missed Bach. I’ve been listening to a Cantata or two each week since Advent, but Lent is a break in the cycle. I’ve been listening mainly to Bluegrass, Blues and Country, which is huge fun, but somehow Bill Monroe’s exhilarating yodelling doesn’t feed me like J S does. Last night the complex machinery of Bach’s music meshed with the workings of the solar system so gloriously that I soared out of stasis because I saw exactly where I stood.


2 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. ianmac55

    Geza Anda! One of the first Mozart recordings I bought – an LP on the DG label in the 1960s – was one of his recordings.

    By the way, I was in the New Forest on Monday and came across a very unusual churchyard. Unusual in that one section of the churchyard was a gypsy burial ground. Very different, I think, from anything we see in Kingsthorpe Cemetery. I’ll post one or two photos when I’m not blogging about cycling.


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