Another one

Along the Brampton Valley Way, just north of the railway station, his dogginess and I found another mosaic.DSC_0191.resized

I guess that a longer walk might discover more of them. I wonder who has made them. This one has a subject that I prefer. The rectilinear signal box doesn’t seem very well suited to the fragments of coloured tile, whereas figures and scenery do.

DSC_0192.resizedThe colours looked good in the horizontal January sunshine.

We had a good walk along by the railway, passing, as usual, many other people and dogs who seemed similarly happy and relaxed.

So far this winter hasn’t really bitten very hard. I would quite like a bit of snow to enjoy, but a mild winter is perfectly acceptable, too. What I don’t want is weeks of freezing north-easterly winds like last year.




4 thoughts on “Another one

  1. Carole Miles

    Hi Lucia – Sorry these have arrived so mysteriously without any information – we had no budget left for information boards but you can find out the whole history of the mosaics here
    It was a community project with many people of many ages and skill levels being involved over the course of a year. Much time, love and volunteer input went into these. There are 12 panels and we are still trying to complete the installation but the weather has been against us. The youngest participant was 3 and the oldest 80. I was the artist who worked with all involved and Back To books is the group who raised the funding from Northamptonshire Community Foundation and The Midlands Cooperative Society and it was a follow on from a year spent exploring the Brampton Valley Way through, making, walking, textiles, felt, reading and photography.

    best wishes
    Carole Miles

  2. ianmac55

    Many thanks for this post – and to Carole Miles, the artist, for her comment. A simple photo of the signal box that I took and tweeted yesterday seems to have interested a good many people – and allowed me to tweet with Carole.

    I was out yesterday to recce a route for novice cyclists from the university campus in Boughton Green Road to the BVW at the A5199 crossing (The Windhover). I had a simple and safe route down to the BVW and my real purpose was to check out a different route back up. I would have just turned back from The Windhover because, although we’ll be going along the BVW, there would be nothing to recce along there. And then I thought, “What about the mosaics mentioned in ‘Searching for Lucia’? I’ll just have a look!”

    I asked three dog-walkers, “Have you seen the mosaics? Do you know where they are?”. No luck! But the first isn’t far along and, on my way back, I stopped and showed them my picture. I think they’ll be venturing further the next time they walk their dogs!

    Thanks again!

  3. baptissimo Post author

    It’s really good to have your post, Carole. Thank you for your work on the mosaics. I’ve only seen two of them so far, but I’m really pleased that the BVW is being enhanced in this way. Congratulations to you and the people who participated in this project.
    And I’m also pleased that it’s come out in this slightly mysterious way. I didn’t expect the mosaics. I came across them by chance, as I might come across a stoat, a heron or an orchid. I think that’s as it should be. They are embedded in the environment. There’s something to be said for a lack of publicity.
    And it’s got us talking on here, and talking is the beginning of community.

    I’m still looking forwards to finding some more of them!

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