CDs of the year

My favourite and most played CD of 2013 was a collection of encores and other pieces, played on the accordion by Mie Miki.51gIuhe5z-L._SL500_AA280_

The artwork doesn’t impress me much, though it does represent the titles of some of the pieces: the white bicycle, the rose blooming, various tangos and a harmonious blacksmith.

There are several pieces by Astor Piazolla, which are complete delights. They are, like the collection itself, impossible to categorise, and everything on an accordion sounds strange and wonderful.

This is music that made me listen in new ways and is still bringing me great pleasure.

And in second place, 51-AJy4i24L._SL500_AA280_Jeremy Denk’s recording of the Goldberg Variations. It’s a very, very fine recording. I wouldn’t ever want to have a favourite Goldbergs, but Denk belongs alongside Perahia, Gould and Hantai (and Freddy Kempf’s live version from the Isle of Man festival).

What I really appreciated, though, are his words. He has blogged and written articles about the Goldbergs, and the CD comes with a DVD of illustrated lectures. His words are as beautiful, and his insights as exciting, as is his playing.


3 thoughts on “CDs of the year

  1. ianmac55

    Do you like the Finnish accordion player, Kimmo Pohjonen? Perhaps the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion! I too like the Goldbergs but am satisfied with Murray Perahia. Strange coincidences!

    1. baptissimo Post author

      Very strange, and very encouraging to find someone else with similar tastes. I haven’t heard Kimmo Pohjonen, but will listen to him soon. No reason not to be satisfied with Murray Perahia; one of my favourite pianists – precision, energy, taste, excitement and such a beautiful sound.

      1. Ian Macsporran

        I’ve been a “fan” of Perahia since hearing him at an Aldburgh Festival in the 70s – 1975 I think!

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