Roses for Lucia

DSC_0174_NEF.resizedI put a few sprigs of snapdragons from the garden into the pot in front of Lucia’s grave early on 12th December, the anniversary of her death. It was early and still dark.

In the evening I walked the terrier past the grave to see if anyone else had remembered the day, and they had. Two splendid, long stemmed, red roses had joined my snapdragons.

I photographed them on Saturday when I had time to go again in daylight.

I wonder who it is. I read somewhere that a former nurse who used to work at St Andrew’s Hospital, Lucia’s home for her last thirty years, put flowers on her grave each year. It seems they are still doing it. Presumably they knew her when she was alive.

I’m unlikely to want to hang around all day in the hope of meeting them on the 12th of December next year – far too cold. I might loiter for a while on her birthday, 26th July, and it’s just possible that they or someone might visit the grave on ‘Bloomsday’, the annual James Joyce celebration, which is on 16th June, but mainly observed in Dublin, I believe. Perhaps they will find this blog and leave a message. That would be nice.


3 thoughts on “Roses for Lucia

  1. ianmac55

    There IS a gathering at Lucia’s grave every Bloomsday, organised by Peter Mulligan of the Northampton Connolly Association, usually at 7.00 p.m. if it’s a weekday and 3.00 p.m. if it’s a Saturday or Sunday. One year Lucia’s old nurse spoke to the gathering.

    There’s also a story that in the 1950s and 1960s Samuel Beckett visited the grave annually and left a single rose each time. (His other interest in Northampton was to visit the County Ground for the cricket.)

    At the Bloomsday gatherings, Peter speaks about Lucia, organises readings from Joyce’s works and has a table of interesting literature and scrap-books. Sometimes he has had actors dress as, and play the parts of, Joyce and his family. One year he showed me Violet Gibson’s grave.

    Peter also organises a John Clare gathering at All Saints Church in the town centre each November on National Poetry Day.

  2. baptissimo Post author

    Isn’t it, just! Thank you very much for the information, ianmac55. Bloomsday is firmly in my diary, and I look forwards to seeing what happens at Lucia’s grave in 2014. And that gives me a deadline for reading Ulysses!


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