“What is he doing under the ground, that idiot?”

Kingsthorpe cemetery has dozens ofDSC_0308.resized places to put your rubbish. There are regular litter bins such as you might find in a park or a street, wire cages that seem to be intended for the larger things someone caring for a grave might want to throw away – flowers, plant pots, broken windmills – a few bins for the bagged deposits of dogs, and this big green bin.

‘Papou’ is Greek for grandfather. Milk bottles are everywhere, used to fetch water from the open galvanized troughs with their ball-cock valves.

A cemetery is itself a sort of rubbish dump. This is where we stick our used and discarded bodies, with just a bit more care than we show the skeleton of the florist’s art work.

“What is he doing under the ground, that idiot?” is what Lucia Joyce said on hearing of her father’s death. “When will he decide to come out? He’s watching us all the time.”


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